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Celebrating 30 Fantastic Years Selling Real Estate

Celebrating 30 Fantastic Years Selling Real Estate


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Grant's 5 Secrets to a Premium Price

Tip 1: Timing 

There are two peak times every year when owners decide to make a move, February/March and October/November with February and November being the months of the year with the most properties for sale. I have found that I often achieve more buyers through my properties at times either side of the peak months when there is less competition from other properties but still high numbers of buyers looking. Even selling in winter can be to a seller’s advantage if their property is warm and sunny, once again there is way less competition from other properties and still a good number of buyers wanting to purchase.

Tip 2: Presentation

I am often called in to advise owners what they should do to their homes to achieve the highest price. Most common questions are: should I renovate bathrooms and Kitchen, de clutter and de personalise.

Each property is different and I am able to advise you with the help of my personal assistant Dawn Chapman a qualified interior designer, the things you need or don’t need to do. I have a team of qualified reliable tradesmen from arborists, gardeners, landscaped designers, stump grinders, plumbers, electricians, handymen, painters, plasterers, and home stagers to bring your home to the best level to achieve you the highest price.

Grant Thorrington Staging
Grant Thorrington Staging

Tip 3: Photography

Professional photography is a must. 

The images of your home are the most powerful tool to attract a buyer. My photographers are very experienced and take pride in providing the best photos. We now have Drone photography to get angles previously unavailable to us. Video imagery is also available, but I personally like to leave some of the property not shown as this means the buyer has to physically view the property. Once a buyer is on site they can become far more emotionally attached to a property.

Grant Thorrington Aerial Photo

Tip 4: Marketing

There is an old saying in sales “you can’t sell a secret”

You have one chance to achieve the highest price for what is most people’s biggest asset. At the end of the day you want to know that every potential buyer has had the opportunity to see your home and this is achieved by having a comprehensive marketing strategy. This will vary greatly form one property to the next and I have provided marketing budgets from $2,000 to $25,000.

Each marketing plan I provide is tailored to your property and its target market.

People who go for the cheapest option when selling run the risk of selling to a smaller buyer pool and therefor may under sell their property, losing money rather than saving money.

Tip 5: Create Competition

How do you define what is a “premium price”

A wise old real estate agent once told me that you know you have achieved a premium price for a property when you have two or more willing purchasers competing against each other. They end up paying more than they thought they would.

My view in the current market, is that competition is best achieved by marketing a home without a price, by either Tender or Auction. There is a mental process that a buyer goes through when determining how much to offer for a home and this often takes in to account the alterations they intend to make to the property, an overseas holiday they are keeping money aside for, a new car etc. When buyers get into a competitive mode they often forget these extra expenses to make sure they win the property.

I am happy to discuss which selling option is the right one for you and your property.

Grant Thorrington Auction

Grant Thorrington Auction

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