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Video Testimonial


Happy Sellers!


Jolyn and Jerry, PhD.

Dear Grant and Dawn,

"A picture is worth a thousand words"
We are writing to thank you again for your amazing jobs for selling our house. After working together over the past months, both of us finally reap the fruit of our labor that is much sweeter than anticipated. You have done more than expected from a real estate agent. Before meeting you, we perceived a selling agent as someone helping vendors advertise their properties, arrange open home, and identify potential buyers.  We are so blessed to have you to work for us from the very beginning to the closure of the entire process.

Many thanks for helping redesign our garden and bringing several professional workers working together to polish our house before it was put on the market. We are highly impressed by your professional attitude, enthusiasm, attention to detail, and personal warmth. 

Enclosed please see the photo taken when you helped us shovel off the bark from the trailer. I believe people would hardly imagine a real estate agent wearing a tie doing this for their clients. This picture definitely demonstrates the adage “A picture is worth a thousand words”.
Words simply cannot express our gratitude for your excellent work. Without reservations, we would highly recommend you to people who are looking for an agent that treats them like a family and sells their properties like his own.
If you are around in Brisbane, please do let us know. Stay in touch. 

God bless you and your family.

Grant Thorrington Helping Client with Shovel

Dave & Pam happy with their sale?


I Think So !!

Kevin & Yvette happy sellers

Kevin & Yvette On The Move


Anna & Jonas On The Move!

Grant's Done It Again, Carlisle Road Another Great Auction

Betty's Sold !!

53 Years with One Owner
53 Years With One Owner, "The End Of An Era But Betty's Happy!"

Vlad & Georgie A Tremendous Auction